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Looking for something a little different than painting? Want to learn skills you can take home and use every day? Take our coffee crafting class! Here you will work hands-on to learn the different ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, including drip coffee, single cup pour-over, french press, cold brewing, and iced coffee. You will also learn about the history, science and culture of coffee while exploring the differences among coffee types and brewing methods. At the end of the class, we will send you home with the materials needed to continue making delicious cold brew coffee at home!


  • $40 per person (minimum 8 attendees)
  • Includes a home cold brewing kit to take home for every attendee
  • Small travel fee may apply for long distances
  • Discounts available for off-peak days (Mon-Wed) and large groups


Build an appreciation for the history, science, taste and nuances of coffee.


Learn and perfect four different brewing methods for creating a great cup of coffee.


Take your learnings home with our take-home cold brewing kit, included with every class. With the low-maintenance equipment we send you home with, you’ll never pay for a cup of delicious coffee again!


Our artisanal coffee crafting class is led by Stephen Fisher. Stephen was an early employee of San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee, has helped launched multiple coffee shop locations, recently managed a coffee shop in Kenya, and works as an apprentice of Stephen Vick, one of the world’s leading coffee sommeliers.